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Semester 1

Chemical Physics 3S1 (CHPH09007)


Chemical Physics





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It is recommended that Visiting Students are enrolled on Chemistry 3A (VS1) (CHEM09008) in place of this course.

Course Summary

A lecture course on advanced physical chemistry topics. When taken in combination with Chemical Physics 3S2 (CHPH09006), this course forms part of the prescribed third year curriculum for students on degrees in Chemical Physics. The course is comprised of lectures selected from Semester 1 of Chemistry 3A (CHEM09005). The primary aim of the Chemical Physics 3S1 and 3S2 courses is to provide chemical education and training to a level which will enable students to progress to Honours degree programmes in Chemical Physics. In addition, the broad coverage of physical chemistry will contribute to students' long-term prospects for employment and research in chemical sciences.

Course Description

Chemical Physics 3S1 consists of the following lecture courses under the theme of characterisation of molecules, matter, and reactions: molecular symmetry and electronic structure; nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy; structure and bonding.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 100%, Coursework 0%, Practical Exam 0%

Additional Assessment Information

One 2.5 h exam.

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