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Semester 1

Chemical Engineering Laboratory 3 (CHEE09016)


Chemical Engineering





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It is RECOMMENDED that students have passed Chemical Engineering Kinetics and Catalysis 3 (CHEE09010), Chemical Engineering Unit Operations 3 (CHEE09009), Solids Processing 3 (CHEE09008) AND Heat, Mass and Momentum Transfer 3 (CHEE09013)

Course Summary

This course provides, via small/pilot-scale practical laboratory experimentation or online laboratory experimentation videos, the practical application of theoretical principles and concepts learnt in earlier and concurrent chemical engineering courses . The laboratory covers most aspects of chemical engineering unit operation processes including heat and mass transfer (HMT), volumetric reactors (R), bed reactors (B) and separation (S).

Course Description

This is a 100% Coursework Course where the students undertake 5 Practical or Online Laboratory Experiences ensuring a good balance between the different available experiments related to chemical engineering units operations, i.e. 1 HMT, 1 HT, 1 R, 1 B and 1 S. The list of current experiments is found below:- Two-phase Heat Transfer (HMT1)- Single Tube Condenser (HMT2)- Thermoelectric Heat Pump (HMT3)- Drying (HT4)- B├╝chi Spray Drier (HT5)- Double Pipe Heat Exchanger (HT6)- Absorption in Packed Bed (B1)- Fluidised/Collapsing Bed (B2)- Packed Bed Hydraulics (B3)- Fluidised Bed (B4)- Residence Time Distribution (R1)- Measurement of Surface Area (R2)- Catalytic Hydrogen Production (R3)- Packed Bed Catalytic Reactor (R4)- Filtration 1 (S1)- Filtration 2 (S2)- Membrane Desalination (S3)

Assessment Information

Written Exam 0%, Coursework 100%, Practical Exam 0%

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