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Solids Processing 3 (CHEE09008)


Chemical Engineering





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This course comprises the physical principles underlying particle/solids characterization, processing and handling and associated equipment employed.1. Characterisation of assemblies of solid particles: histograms, frequency curves, oversize and undersize plots.2. Definitions of mean diameters, sphericity, ratio of specific surfaces, bulk density and porosity.3. Methods of size analysis.4. Production of solid particles: size reduction; energy requirements and equipment; size enlargement by granulation; size separation.5. Mixing of solid particles: mixing index and types of mixer.6. Transfer function modelling of solid handling operations.7. Movement of solid particles: hydraulic and pneumatic conveying, screw and belt conveyors.8. Storage of solids9. Relative particle-fluid motion: drag coefficient and its variation with particle Reynolds number; Stokes' Law, Free-settling ratio, design of free-settling hydraulic and aerodynamic classifiers.10. Rotary motion in fluid-particle systems: cyclones and centrifuges.11. Hindered settling. Extraction of data from batch settling tests by Kynch method and design of thickeners.12. Flow of fluids through beds of solid particles: Carman-Kozeny and Ergun equations for pressure gradient.13. Filtration14. Fluidization

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Written Exam 100%, Coursework 0%, Practical Exam 0%

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