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Chemistry and Processes 2 (CHEE08017)


Chemical Engineering





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Course Summary

This course has two elements: Chemistry lectures (drawn predominantly from Chemistry 2A) and a series of workshops on the calculation techniques analysing and designing chemical processing equipment. Data sources containing relevant physical and chemical properties are introduced. In addition, training in group and collaborative working and communication skills is undertaken.

Course Description

This course will cover the following:1) Chemistry: kinetics, separation techniques, and industrial organic chemistry2) Simple mass balances and degree-of-freedom analysis3) Mass Balances with reactions: conversion, extent of reaction, atomic balances, stoichiometry, multiple reactions4) Mass balances with recycles: ideal and non-ideal recycle loops, recycle ratios, conversion, yield, purge5) Simple Energy Balances: types of energy, their calculations and conversion, closed and open systems, enthalpy6) Energy Balances with phase change: latent heat, temperature change, heat capacity7) Energy Balances with reactions: reference states, heat of reaction, heat of formation, Hess's law

Assessment Information

Written Exam 60%, Coursework 40%, Practical Exam 0%

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