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Chemical Reaction Engineering 4 (CHEE10008)


Chemical Engineering





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Course Summary

The course will cover 4 topics: 1) Nonideal flow reactors: Define a residence time distribution RTD, E(t) and F(t) curves and the mean residence time. Diagnosis of reactor faults by RTD analysis. Modelling of complex behaviour by networks of ideal units. Effect on RTD of diffusion in packed beds. Predict effluent concentrations for multiple reactions.2) Catalytic rates, catalytic CSTR and PFR reactors. Steps of catalytic reaction including external and internal mass transfer, adsorption, surface reaction and desorption. Models of heterogeneous catalytic kinetics: Effect of external heat and mass transfer resistances. Intrapellet conduction and diffusion. Thiele modulus and effectiveness factor. Extension to pellets of spherical and other shapes. Experimental evidence of diffusional effects: the Weisz modulus. External heat and mass transfer control: simultaneous heat and mass transport in external films: generalised nonisothermal effectiveness. 3) Further kinetics. Solid-fluid non-catalytic reactions and the shrinking core model and uniform conversion models. Design and operating implications of the basic science covered above. 4) Further reactor design: Design of multiphase catalytic reactors by considering multiphase reactions, catalysts decay, mass transfer and heat transfer. Suitable choices of reactor type and reactor design for exothermic reversible catalytic processes. Optimum temperature profile. Staged adiabatic catalytic reactors with intercoolers. Qualtitative consideration of other reactors. Multiphase reactions, both catalytic and non-catalytic, and the modelling thereof. This will include gas-liquid reactions, fluid-solid non-catalytic reactions and fluid-solid catalytic reactions. Qualitative consideration of 3-phase reactions.

Course Description

20 Lectures LecturesL1: Introduction.L2-4: Nonideal flow.L5-10: Catalytic solid-fluid reactions and reactors.L11-14: External diffusion effects.L15-18: Reactions in porous catalysts.L19-20: 3 phase reactions and consolidation.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 100%, Coursework 0%, Practical Exam 0%

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