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Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 3 (CHEE09020)


Chemical Engineering





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Introductory Thermodynamics

Course Summary

This course focuses on the basic principles governing the equilibrium behaviour of macroscopic systems, and applications to systems of interest in modern chemical engineering. After a brief review of material covered in Thermodynamics 2, we begin by introducing fundamental concepts: thermodynamic potentials; criteria of equilibrium and stability; and introduction to the molecular basis of thermodynamics. These concepts are then applied to the analysis and solution of problems such as calculating the equilibrium composition of coexisting phases and reacting mixtures.

Course Description

22 Lecture Hours, 10 Tutorial HoursReview of Basic Thermodynamic Concepts (1st Law, 2nd Law). Thermodynamic potentials (A, G, H, U). The fundamental equation. Euler's theorem. Gibbs-Duhem equation.Legendre transforms. Calculus of thermodynamics. Maxwell relations. Molecular basis for entropy.Equilibrium conditions in multiphase systems without reaction. Gibbs phase rule. Applications of Gibbs phase rule to phase equilibrium problems.Phase equilibrium in pure components (Clapeyron equation). Stability criteria, spinodals, Maxwell construction.Fugacity and property calculations from EoS for pure components (virial, vdW, RKSM, PRSV). Corresponding states. Mixing functions and partial molar properties. Partial molar properties from data.Ideal and real-gas mixtures and fugacities. Ideal solutions, activities, excess functions.Activity coefficient models, Henry's law, VLE (dew point, bubble point, flash calculations, azeotropes)LLE and VLLE. Osmotic equilibrium, colligative properties.Equilibrium criteria for chemical reactions. Reaction standard enthalpies and free energies.T and p effects on chemical reaction equilibrium. Heterogeneous reactions, multiple reactions.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 100%, Coursework 0%, Practical Exam 0%

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