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Chemical Engineering Kinetics and Catalysis 3 (CHEE09010)


Chemical Engineering





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This course contains fundamentals of homogeneous and heterogeneous reaction engineering processes. The basic concepts of chemical kinetics, reactor behaviour, and catalysis are introduced and applied to the design of isothermal and non-isothermal reactors.1. IntroductionWhere does this chemical reaction engineering course fit in with respect to chemistry, the other engineering disciplines and the chemical engineering curriculum? Description of the basic reactor types and mole balances.2. Kinetics and kinetic expressionsRate laws, reaction orders, analysis of rate data, reaction mechanisms, elementary steps.3. Isothermal reactorsMaterial balances for batch, continuous stirred tank and plug flow reactors. Design equations. Effect of volume changes on stoichiometry and design equations. 4. Sequences of reactorsComparison of reactor performances and series/parallel reactor systems5. Multiple reactionsSeries/parallel and reversible reactions, conditions for optimal reactor performance.6. Nonisothermal reactorsMaterial and energy balances for batch, continuous stirred tank and plug flow reactors. Reactor design and stability. More on data analysis and reaction mechanisms.7. CatalysisBrief history of catalysis, catalytic surfaces, steps in a catalytic reaction, measurement of the catalytic properties, catalysis deactivation8. Internal and external diffusionDiffusion fundamentals, binary diffusion, diffusion and reaction in spherical catalyst pellets, mass transfer and reaction in a packed bed reactor9. Catalytic reactor designThermodynamic operation window, radial and axial mixing, catalyst particle size

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Written Exam 100%, Coursework 0%, Practical Exam 0%

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