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Molecular and Synthetic Plant Biology 3 (BILG09021)







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Course Summary

This course will cover the physiology, molecular biology and biochemistry of higher plants and their interactions with microorganisms. This course particularly explores the aspects of biology that makes plants unique. It also highlights research areas that may be particularly relevant to agricultural biotechnology.

Course Description

Molecular and Synthetic Plant Biology 3 (MSPB3) looks at how plants work and how this knowledge is being used in crop improvement and biotechnology. This course is also about developing your skills, from designing and analysing experiments to finding, evaluating, and presenting information.The course particularly explores aspects of plants that make them unique. It is centred on the processes underlying growth, development, and how plants interact with their environment and with the pathogens and symbionts that they share it with.By the end of the course, you will know how plants use their genetic information and how this knowledge can be harnessed via the latest synthetic biology, gene editing and high-throughput sequencing technologies available to improve crops and tackle climate change.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 50%, Coursework 50%, Practical Exam 0%

Additional Assessment Information

This course is assessed by five in-course assignments and an exam.The successful completion of all pieces of course work is an essential requirement to pass this course.The assessed in-course work is made up of the following components: 3 Practical Reports, 1 MCQ Test and 1 Oral Presentation.

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