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Evolutionary and Ecological Genetics 3 (BILG09004)







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Course Summary

Behaviour of genetic variation in populations. Evolution at the molecular level, and the use of molecular information in construction of phylogenies. The genetic basis of Quantitative variation. Natural selection due to interaction with the physical and biotic environment.

Course Description

This course will introduce you about the processes that underlie evolutionary change in natural populations. It is intended to give an integrated view, showing how theoretical approaches can be applied to investigate natural evolutionary processes. We will deal with subjects ranging from the evolutionary fate of molecular sequences to the genetic consequences of interactions between species, and from variation at single genes to speciation.The course starts with population genetics and molecular evolution (Weeks 1-4) emphasising its importance in understanding the process of biological evolution. This is followed by an introduction to the genetics of quantitative characters (Weeks 5-7). The course ends with lecture modules on molecular phylogenetics, mechanisms of speciation, and genetic parasites (Weeks 8-10).The first three sections of the course are associated with computer-based practical classes (which are assessed through digital quizzes online) and live digital "problem" tutorials. These sessions are designed to assist with understanding of key concepts, to give practice in problem solving and to develop competence in quantitative analysis. An essay and associated tutorials provide the opportunity for assimilating and synthesising information from the primary literature and discussing its interpretation.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 50%, Coursework 50%, Practical Exam 0%

Additional Assessment Information

ICA (50% of course) is comprised of a 2000 word essay (27%), engagement with the essay reading (3%), and 4 short online quizzes associated with computer practicals (5% each).Degree examination (50% of course), open-book examination done in December.

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