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Semester 1

Biology 1B: Life (BILG08021)







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Course Summary

The course supports the transition into University and encourages development of key skills for biologists through exploration of major concepts around the molecular basis of life and the Central Dogma.

Course Description

The course will introduce concepts concerning the molecular basis of life, structure and function, information flow, transformations of energy and matter, and complexity of biological systems, with particular emphasis on DNA and the importance of biological organisation of the cell. It is structured by 'big questions' in biology and will explore the molecular mechanisms that underlie the organisation, division, and growth of cells.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 0%, Coursework 90%, Practical Exam 10%

Additional Assessment Information

To pass the course students will be required to;Pass the portfolio Pass the practical competency test Engauge with Peerwise Pass the graded components with an overall score of 40%. The graded components constitute 60% of the assessment profile and are1) the weekly quizzes 15%2) the group submissions 15%3) the creative submission 5%4) the 2-part assessment 25%

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