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Human Rights and Social Justice: social work and the law (SCWR08009)


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Course Summary

The International Federation of Social Workers describes social work as being based on principles of social justice, human rights, collective responsibility and respect for diversities (IFSW). This course will consider what that means in relation to law and policy for social work. Social work operates within international human rights frameworks but also within national legal structures and local policy contexts. The course will explore the role of law and policy in social work practice, using specific examples from Scotland and internationally.

Course Description

This course helps you to understand how principles of human rights and social justice underpin social work today. The course introduces you to international human rights frameworks and legislation relevant to social work law and policy. There is a focus on law and policy as it affects social work practice in the UK, particularly in Scotland, and we will also consider examples from a wider international field. The course forms a substantial part of the social work degree programme and reflects the Standards in Social Work Education set for social work qualifying programmes in Scotland. We also welcome students who are not registered for the social work programme but who are interested in how law and policy work together in this important area of social welfare.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 0%, Coursework 100%, Practical Exam 0%

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