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Psychology 2A (PSYL08011)







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Visiting students must have passed at least one introductory level Psychology course at grade B or above for entry to this course. We will only consider University/College level courses

Course Summary

This course aims to develop an integrated understanding of modern approaches to some of the core areas of psychology (the remaining core areas will be covered in Psychology 2B). Students are also presented with a broader historical, conceptual and methodological framework of psychological as well as its ethical dimensions and transferable skills such as identifying and summarizing key literature.

Course Description

The course will cover four core areas of psychology, building on topics addressed in Psychology 1A and Psychology 1B. The course will consist of four lecture blocks (one per area) of six lectures each, plus additional lectures covering broader historical, conceptual and methodological topics that relate to multiple areas of psychology and ethical issues in research and publishing. Each lecture block will be accompanied by a lecture content-oriented tutorial and a lab that teaches and enhances a general research-related or transferable skill. Halfway through the course, in week 6, is Activity Week, when typical lectures, labs and tutorials are suspended. The Activity week activities are not assessed.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 60%, Coursework 40%, Practical Exam 0%

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