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Mind and Body: Life Sciences and Nursing Care 2 (Visiting Students) (NUST08027)


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This course is only open to LaTrobe Exchange Visiting Students, with no exceptions.

Course Summary

This course is for visiting students who join the year 2 BN cohort as part of an exchange with University of La Trobe in Australia. They remain with the cohort for one semester so this course reflects the first semester content of the larger 40 credit course NUST08023.This course aims to develop knowledge in the biological sciences and their application to the person in the context of nursing and healthcare. Using a framework of the life course from conception to death normal development and ageing will be considered alongside disease and degenerative processes. The nurse's role in caring for the person with an acute or long-term condition will be explored and related to the relevant anatomy, physiology, psychology and pathology. The principles of pharmacology and pharmacological management will be introduced.

Course Description

This course will follow the stages of the life course: a) Conception to birth b) Childhood c) Adolescence d) Young adult e) Older adult (fit) f) Older adult (frail) g) Death and dying. Through these stages normal development and aging of the body will be related to pathologies namely: a) Developmental disorders b) Infectious disease and immunisation c) Trauma d) Non communicable diseases i) Cardiovascular ii) Respiratory iii) Neurodegenerative iv) Autoimmune v) Oncological vi) Musculoskeletal e) Frailty. Pharmacological and non-pharmacological management will be introduced related to the above stages and pathologies. This will include: a) Pharmacokinetics b) Pharmacodynamics c) Common drugs and medicines d) Lifestyle.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 60%, Coursework 40%, Practical Exam 0%

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