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Music Analysis (MUSI08076)







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Visiting students wishing to enrol on this course must be able to read music, and have a good grasp of basic theory (harmonic functions, cadences, etc.). **Spaces on Music courses are limited in 2022/23, and so enrolment cannot be guaranteed for any visiting student**

Course Summary

This course provides an introduction to the analysis of music, concentrating on Western music from the medieval period to the early twentieth century. It involves the study of musical scores alongside aural evidence obtained from listening, and the application of techniques learned in compositional exercises.

Course Description

Music Analysis provides training in methods of analysing Western music, predominantly based on the study of notated scores, alongside skills devised through the composition of works in the same style as those being studied. The course is split into two concurrent parts: each week will feature: 1) a one-hour class dealing with a particular compositional technique or concept (e.g. functional harmony, types of cadence, fugue). Techniques covered would typically include Fugue, Motivic Analysis, Sonata Form, Syntax, Formal Functions, Linear Reductions, Tonal Schemata, Isorhythm, Imitative counterpoint, Textural schema. 2) a one-hour class studying a specific musical work, chosen to showcase the application of a particular analytical method. Works will be drawn from the medieval period to the early twentieth century. The course is also supported by a weekly tutorial.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 100%, Coursework 0%, Practical Exam 0%

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