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Succession and Trust Law (LAWS08130)







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This course is only open to visiting students coming through a direct exchange with the School of Law (including Erasmus students on a Law-specific exchange). Exchange students outside of Law and independent study abroad students are not eligible to enrol in this course, with no exceptions. Students must have passed course(s) equivalent to Contract and Unjustified Enrichment (LAWS08127) AND Family Law Ordinary (LAWS08126) at their home institution before enrolling, and students therefore cannot take this course alongside either of those pre-requisite courses. Students who wish to take this course must also enrol on Property Law Ordinary (LAWS08133) as well; you cannot take this course without also taking Property Law Ordinary.

Course Summary

This course provides an introduction to the law of succession and the law of trusts under the law of Scotland. Succession introduces students to the legal rules regulating the distribution of property upon death, and the principles informing those rules. Trust law introduces students to the legal institution of trusts whereby property is handed to a trustee to administer, and ultimately distribute to beneficiaries, in accordance with the instructions of the truster (the person creating the trust). Both subjects form part of the legal knowledge outcomes required by the Law Society of Scotland for admission to practice as a solicitor in Scotland.

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Written Exam 100%, Coursework 0%, Practical Exam 0%

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