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Scottish Legal System (LAWS08128)







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While this course is open to all visiting students, spaces on Law courses are limited and so enrolment cannot be guaranteed for students who are not studying in a Law exchange agreement.

Course Summary

The course is an introduction to the Scottish legal system as well as the general skills needed for studying law. It is mainly directed at students who are following programmes of study in the School of Law or programmes in other Schools with a substantial content of law. The aims of the course are: 1. To impart information about the legal system of Scotland (within the framework of the United Kingdom), including the principal sources and divisions of the law, court structures, legal history, civil and criminal procedure, and the law and institutions of the European Union; 2. To develop legal skills relating to legal method, specifically skills in relation to the use and interpretation of legislation and case law, which are the primary sources of law; 3. To develop critical thinking about the law.

Course Description

On completion of this course, students will be able to demonstrate a basic knowledge of the following: 1. The Scottish legal system (and of legal systems and legal families in general); Scottish legal institutions; the rule of law; the composition, powers and functions of parliaments and governments in the UK; 2. The history of Scottish legal institutions and sources; 3. The elements of civil and criminal procedure; 4. The main sources of law in Scotland, particularly legislation and judicial precedent; 5. The law and institutions of the European Union (EU) in the context of the legal systems of the UK. Students will have had the opportunity to develop the distinctive reading and reasoning skills needed for legal study, particularly in interpreting legislation and case law.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 90%, Coursework 10%, Practical Exam 0%

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