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Jurisprudence (LAWS08129)







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This course is only open to visiting students coming through a direct exchange with the School of Law (including Erasmus students on a Law-specific Exchange). Exchange students outside of Law and independent study abroad students are not eligible to enrol in this course, with no exceptions. Students who wish to take this course must also enrol on Scottish Legal System (LAWS08128) as well, unless they have completed a course equivalent to LAWS08128 previously at their home institution; you cannot take this course without also taking Scottish Legal System.

Course Summary

The course studies law as an institutional normative order within a philosophical and sociological context. Firstly it asks how law is to be seen as a system. What does it mean to say that the law is normative and does that presuppose a particular standard of behaviour? How does law and morality relate to each other, and what does this mean for the administration of justice, both in courts and the law making process? Secondly it looks at concepts within the law such as property, contract, responsibility and critically analyses them within a philosophical and sociological context, with special emphasis on theories from law and economics, Marxist and feminist legal critiques. Students will learn how jurisprudential theories both explain and influence legal practice, in particular in ethically controversial situations.

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Written Exam 30%, Coursework 70%, Practical Exam 0%

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