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Family Law (Ordinary) (LAWS08126)







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This course is only open to visiting students coming through a direct exchange with the School of Law (including Erasmus students on a Law-specific exchange). Exchange students outside of Law and independent study abroad students are not eligible to enrol in this course, with no exceptions. Students who wish to take this course must also enrol on Scottish Legal System (LAWS08128) as well; you cannot take this course without also taking Scottish Legal System.

Course Summary

This course focusses on Scots law as it relates to children and families. The first half of the course deals with children and child law; the second part deals with the law relating to adult relationships and the breakdown of adult relationships, although both parts overlap throughout. The aims of the course are: (i) to support new students through the course and to help ensure that they learn, enjoy and develop a growing interest in child and family law; (ii) to introduce students to the basics of Scots law within the framework of the European Convention on Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child; (iii) to teach students the importance of learning how to retrieve relevant legal information and how to use primary legislative sources, case law and academic sources as authority to support legal positions; (iv) to convey to students the importance of taking the time to think about, and consider, legal issues and problems before concluding an outcome; (v) to give students the confidence to apply their learned knowledge to wider legal problems and issues that arise through further reading, research and learning; (vi) to provide a learning forum for students to develop legal knowledge and skills that can be applied in group tutorial settings, and to foster an interest that encourages and enables analysis and critical discussion of related legal issues; (vii) to encourage independent study of taught areas of law as well as fostering an interest in developing knowledge and interest in wider related issues that go beyond the scope of the course.

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Written Exam 100%, Coursework 0%, Practical Exam 0%

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