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Environmental Law (LAWS10235)







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**This course is only open to visiting students coming through a direct exchange with the School of Law (including Erasmus students on a Law-specific Exchange). Exchange students outside of Law and independent study abroad students are not eligible to enrol in this course, with no exceptions.** Please note that 3rd year Law courses are high-demand, meaning that they have a very high number of students wishing to enrol in a very limited number of spaces. These enrolments are managed strictly by the Visiting Student Office, in line with the quotas allocated by the department, and all enquiries to enrol in these courses must be made through the CAHSS Visiting Student Office. It is not appropriate for students to contact the department directly to request additional spaces. If there is sufficient space for other visiting students to enrol at the start of the semester, visiting students must have completed at least 3 Law courses at grade B or above to qualify for this course; we will only consider University/College level courses.

Course Summary

This course provides an introduction to and overview of environmental law in Scotland, examining the historical development of environmental protection from a legal perspective, the key legal tools and techniques that are employed to regulate environmentally harmful activities or to protect species, habitats or ecosystem, and the related enforcement mechanisms.

Course Description

1. Introduction to the History and Sources of Environmental Law; 2. Regulating Polluting Activities; 3. Waste Reduction and Management; 4. Environmental Assessment; 5. Wildlife Crime; 6. Animal Welfare; 7. Protected Areas; 8. Environmental Democracy and Justice (public participation, access to justice, and governance); 9. Human Rights and the Environment; 10. Climate Change.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 0%, Coursework 100%, Practical Exam 0%

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