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Latin 2A (LATI08011)







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Visiting Students must have previously taken at least one year-long Latin course and obtained grade B or above. We will only accept University-level courses. The Course Organiser will be responsible for assessing the students' language competence at the start of the course to ensure they are in the right course. Visiting Students must contact the Visiting Student Office in CAHSS for enrolment in this course. It is not possible to take this course alongside Latin 2A for Ex-beginners.

Course Summary

The course advances the student's knowledge of the Classical Latin language and literature, and develops the ability to read independently in Classical Latin literature with a linguistic and literary understanding of the original texts

Course Description

This is essentially a reading class with the aim of improving the linguistic ability of the students. The course typically examines two set texts in the semester. Two classes each week are devoted to reading and language, the third is a lecture on a subject of related interest. In addition, there is a linguistically based tutorial once a week for subjects such as grammar study, unseen translation, prose composition and metre. While the course focuses mainly on linguistic improvement, the students will also study the literary, historical and intellectual relevance of the texts and become acquainted with current scholarship on the subject.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 60%, Coursework 40%, Practical Exam 0%

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