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Guided Research in Linguistics and English Language A (LASC10111)


Language Sciences and Linguistics





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Visiting student must have completed at least 3 Linguistics/Language Sciences courses at grade B or above. We will only consider University/College level courses. This course cannot be taken alongside LEL2A (LASC08017). **Students taking this course will be required to submit Seminar preferences prior to the start of the semester, please email for more information** **The Language Sciences courses offered at the University of Edinburgh are extremely intensive and visiting students have struggled with these courses in previous years. Students are expected to have a strong background in Linguistics as an academic discipline; courses that are part of a Modern Foreign Languages degree may not provide students with an adequate background**

Course Summary

This course will offer students the opportunity to become more familiar with current research in a particular subdiscipline of Linguistics and English Language. Students will choose one of an array of topics (each linked to a research interest of a member of the department) as their focus for this course. Having become familiar with the basic concepts, they will then go on to develop a better understanding of the main theoretical and/or methodological issues associated with research in that field, by following a set of guided readings and/or practical exercises. This will enable students to be better prepared to undertake research in the discipline.

Course Description

This course provides students with the opportunity to become more familiar with theories and/or methods in a particular subdiscipline of Linguistics and English Language. It serves as an 'umbrella' course for a number of seminars, each of which will be run by a member of the LEL academic staff. Students are required to choose one of these seminars. Since these seminars will vary (depending on staff availability and research interests), the precise details of each seminar will be made available via the Honours handbook. Although the topics will vary, the principles behind the course and the means of assessment remain the same in each case. The principles are as follows: to introduce students to key concepts and/or methods in a particular area within the discipline of Linguistics and English Language; to enable students to become familiar with current research in that area; and to prepare students to undertake their own research in that area, should they wish to. The course is not associated with formal lectures, though students will have regular meetings with the academic member of staff leading the seminar. The number of contact hours is lower than with other Honours courses, as a higher proportion of the work for the seminar (compared to a standard Honours course) will involve independent study on the part of the student. It is envisaged that the course should provide useful preparation for dissertation work in the subdiscipline, but students are equally encouraged to take this course at any stage of their Honours study, and to select a seminar topic that does not relate to their anticipated or current dissertation topic.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 0%, Coursework 100%, Practical Exam 0%

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