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Semester 1

History and Culture of Iran (IMES10099)


Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies





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Course Summary

This course will study key moments in the development of Persian civilization, attempting to understand both the political and historical context of the Iranian past alongside the cultural and literary developments of the nation. The idea of 'Persia' will be critically explored and evauluated through discussion of the historical development of Iranian civilization over the late antique, medieval and modern period.

Course Description

This course will allow students to engage critically with key historical, cultural, and conceptual developments in Persian history and civilization. They will study the texts (in translation) and aspects of the material culture of Iran in order to analyse the methodologies of specific writers, historians, historiographers, artists, patrons, or audiences who crafted various cultural signifiers. In the process students will be encouraged to situate those developments within their specific historical and cultural contexts. In this way, students will gain an understanding of how Persia developed, both as a nation and as a concept. This course will develop the students' analytical skills and their ability to read historical texts and literary texts, together with visual images, closely and meaningfully. The course also aims to bring students an awareness of how Iran influenced, and was influenced by, other societies, and identify the changing role the country has played on the international scene.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 0%, Coursework 100%, Practical Exam 0%

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