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History of Art 2A Reason, Romance, Revolution: Art from 1700 to 1900 (HIAR08027)


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This course cannot be taken alongside Critical and Cultural Theories of Contemporary Art (ARTX08087).

Course Summary

Transform your critical research skills as you enter the revolutionary age of art from the Enlightenment to Modernism. History of Art 2A builds on History of Art 1A and 1B in providing an introduction to Art History at university level. Continuing the chronological approach, you will examine aspects of the visual arts from c.1700 to 1900.

Course Description

This course focuses on the institutions of art, including academies, before going on to consider some of the major upheavals that disturbed the political and social hierarchies art and visual culture had come to represent. We explore the rise of some of the art movements that often define Art History as a subject (Neo-classicism, Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism, Expressionism among others) as well as the challenges these style labels now pose. Art is shown to be at the forefront of national, political and industrial change. All our teaching considers the visual arts as a part of a wider culture. Students begin the course with very different levels of knowledge, and our intention is that, by the end, all will have acquired an overview of certain specific areas in the history of art, and an understanding of the crucial issues raised by the subject and of the methods used to deal with them. You will also have a command of the appropriate specialised vocabulary. You are expected to read widely from the bibliographies provided in order to extend and deepen your knowledge of the topics addressed in lectures. The course is taught by means of three hour-long lectures per week for 11 weeks of the semester, plus one small group tutorial per week. In the lectures you will learn about the key works and ideas that underpin this period in the history of art. Lectures are supported by readings and activities on the course website. In the tutorials you will put the ideas and skills you have seen in the lectures into practice. Some of the tutorials will take place in Edinburgh's museums and galleries. You will be assessed by means of one essay and one end-of-course examination.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 50%, Coursework 50%, Practical Exam 0%

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