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Semester 1

Contemporary Issues in Health and Wellbeing (SHSS08004)


Health in Social Science





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Visiting Students must have previously taken at least one introductory course in Health (or a related subject area).

Course Summary

In a globalising world, contemporary debates around health, illness and wellbeing are not only concerned with the individual, but include a consideration of the ways that social and political contexts shape health. This course will give an outline of the global context of health and disease and will then address a selection of health challenges by focusing on a different contemporary topic each week. These topics will change in order to keep up-to-date with changing patterns of disease and global health concerns but example topics for the course will include subject areas as diverse as: ageing health and long term conditions in a global world, refugee and migrant health, global mental health, communicable and non-communicable diseases, global digital health, and cancer.

Course Description

The complexities and contradictions of contemporary issues of health in a globalised world will be explored, and students will be encouraged to develop a critical and self-directed approach to each topic. In addition, each health issue will be approached through a different research methodology, thereby introducing the students to a variety of different research methodologies commonly used in the field of health research. By considering research questions, methods of approach and key findings in relation to each health topic, students will build knowledge of each global health topic and also of a variety of research approaches.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 0%, Coursework 100%, Practical Exam 0%

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