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Gender and Culture (ELCC08010)


European Languages and Cultures





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Course Summary

Gender concerns us all. It is also through gender, and its cultural representations, that we can develop critical thinking, re-evaluate our own views, and learn to see beyond stereotypes. This team-taught course on gender and culture offers a series of different forms of analysis through which we can 'read' gender. It is particularly suited to students who wish to develop their critical and analytical skills by learning more about specific gender-related issues and developing gender-specific approaches to engaging with a variety of cultural works across disciplines, genres and literary periods. All texts will be in English or in English translation.

Course Description

Course description: 'Gender and Culture' is primarily a skills course. Its two main aims are: (1) to introduce you to themes and topics that have dominated (recent) gender discourse; and (2) to develop your skills in critical analysis by engaging with a variety of texts (in a broad sense). You will learn how to 'read' cultural representations of gender within different critical frameworks, thereby developing a complex understanding of the concerns raised by gender studies and debated well beyond it. The course starts with a general introduction to the topics you will study and to some important aspects of gender studies. We will ask, for example, why we study gender; how we can study it; and what we can learn from studying gender more broadly. This is followed by a number of sessions taught by different tutors on a different gender related topic or theme. You will approach these themes by studying a number of different texts. The course is taught over one semester, both synchronously and asynchronously. As the course focusses on student-led learning, you will join an Autonomous Learning Group in which you will prepare for each week's topic as well as your group presentation to be prepared for the final week. One week will be set aside for focussed preparation of the group presentation, and one week will be dedicated to individual feed-forward sessions with the relevant tutor. You will listen to brief lecture-style presentations on theoretical/methodological issues by the tutor when appropriate, but most of the class will centre on group-based discussion. Feedback: General feedback will be given on the interactive learning activities in class and students will each receive written feedback on their logs. Students are also invited to schedule a feed-forward session in preparation of their group presentations. Students will receive feedback on their group presentations in the final class (if possible) and written feedback shortly afterwards.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 0%, Coursework 100%, Practical Exam 0%

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