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Italy by Design: Materiality, Intermediality, and Commodification from Leonardo to the MAXXI (ELCI10036)


European Languages and Cultures - Italian





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Entry is subject to a language proficiency test within the relevant subject area and at the discretion of the Course Organiser. In order to be eligible to take 4th Year Options, Visiting Students should have the equivalent of at least two years of study at University level of the appropriate language(s) and culture(s).

Course Summary

Italy by Design looks at the art of cultural transmission through artefactual materiality since Leonardo and the Renaissance. The course offers a unique focus on cultural production and commodification in the modern period, working selectively on the material success of the invention of Italy in the last 500 years, and combining key concepts in Material and Intermedial Studies and Decolonial Thought with innovative practice-led course delivery formats.

Course Description

Italy by Design is a Vertically Integrated Programme open to all students eligible for Levels 10 and 11 study at Edinburgh. The course is practice-led, and students are able to customise both contents and methods, taking leading roles in group work, and contributing to the coproduction of course materials. These become part of the official Resource List for the course, benefiting the wider learning community, including future student cohorts. The overall aim of the course is to encourage learning as shared process, empowering participants to reflect on the kinds and variables of cultural production we engage in every day. Italy by Design is organised in three parts, Theories and Methods (wks 1-3), Laboratories and Seminars (wks 4-10), and Portfolio Submissions (wks 11-12), for a total 30 engagement hours. Part I (wks 1-3) presents course contents and methods. Students present and lead Labs and Seminars, including guest speaker events in Part II (wks 4-10). Students also work toward the final Portfolio Submissions (wks 11-12) as part of the weekly Laboratories (wks 4-10). Delivery: Practice-led. Language: English. Quota: 24 (16 Level 10; 8 Level 11). Reading List: Central Resource Lists. Guest Speaker Series: Radical Conversations on Material Culture. EUSA Teaching Award Nominations Received (2020-2021): 8.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 0%, Coursework 100%, Practical Exam 0%

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