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Foundation Spanish Language 4 (ELCH07020)


European Languages and Cultures - Hispanic Studies





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Entry is subject to a language test by the relevant subject area on arrival and at the discretion of the course organiser.

Course Summary

Foundation Spanish Language 4 is a course that helps students to move away from more simplistic language usage and allows them to cope with most situations they are likely to encounter whilst in a Spanish-speaking country or when interacting with Spanish speakers. Students will engage with more complex tasks such as giving an oral presentation on a topical or cultural issue or composing an article for a university magazine.

Course Description

Foundation Spanish Language 4 is a semester-long course that aims to take students to approximately CEFR Level B1. Students discuss a selection of themes that are contemporary, historical and cultural in focus, and concentrate learning about the Spanish-speaking world. Students develop their listening comprehension skills as well as their awareness of the linguistic variation within the Spanish-speaking world by being exposed to texts and online clips in different varieties of the language. Students develop their reading comprehension skills whilst engaging with a variety of texts in Spanish. Students practise writing short pieces of prose text on familiar and topical issues. Students reflect on the use of grammar in written and oral texts and acquire grammatical structures and vocabulary, which they can then apply in the production of both written and spoken language. Students are expected to prepare for each class by going through the explanations given in the coursebook and workbook and completing the corresponding exercises; this preparation forms the basis for the discussion of questions and further practice in class. Regular attendance at all classes and the completion of all set work, including formative homework exercises, is vital for the successful attainment of the course. Self-study is an essential part of learning a foreign language. In order to structure this process, students should keep track of their progress towards meeting the learning outcomes.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 0%, Coursework 100%, Practical Exam 0%

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