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Foundation German Language 1 (ELCG07009)

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European Languages and Cultures - German





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This is a course for complete beginners. Students with any prior knowledge of German will have to take the placement test by following the link: If the test does not open, please try a different web browser. Please send the test result to the course organiser who will recommend the right course level. Students who are not complete beginners will not have their place on the course confirmed until their level has been tested and confirmed by the course organiser.

Course Summary

A course for beginners with no previous knowledge of German, designed to give absolute beginners a basic, working knowledge of spoken and written German. 1. Auditing (Class Only) is not allowed. All students must take all elements of assessment. 2. Students will be allocated into a group. Each group has two classes, which run twice a week. You must be able to attend both. 3. Students with previous knowledge of the language are not permitted and may be asked to withdraw from the course.This course runs in semester 1 only. On successful completion of the course students will be eligible to take Foundation German Language 2 (ELCG07008) (20 credits), which follows on from Foundation German Language 1.

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Written Exam 0%, Coursework 100%, Practical Exam 0%

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