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Semester 1

Norwegian 1 (VS1) (ELCS08030)


European Languages & Cultures - Scandinavian Studies





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Entry to any language course above introductory level is subject to a language test by the relevant subject area on arrival and at the discretion of the course organiser. Available to students visiting in Semester 1 only. Students visiting for both Semesters should enrol on the 40-credit full-year variant ELCS08028.

Course Summary

An intensive course in spoken and written Norwegian for those with no previous knowledge of the language. Introduction to modern Norwegian literature and civilisation with selected texts.

Course Description

Velkommen til Norwegian 1 (VS1)! On this single-semester course in Scandinavian Studies you will learn to speak, understand, read and write some Norwegian language as well as learn the fundamental basics of the grammar, pronunciation and a fair amount of vocabulary. The course is mostly based on language but also covers selected aspects of Norwegian culture and civilisation, for example you will be doing a group presentation halfway through the semester, and you will write a short essay in English on a topic related to Norwegian culture.By the end of the semester, the aim is to have reached CEFR level A1, as described in the learning outcomes. Breakdown of Learning & Teaching Activities: The teaching activities on this course have two different formats. Students attend two synchronous sessions per week (one with the whole class, and one tutorial lesson that is usually taught in two split groups), where students meet their tutor online or in person. The whole-class lesson will include discussion of grammar and other technical aspects of language production [Synchronous], while the smaller-group tutorial will focus on oral proficiency [Synchronous]. Other activities will be based on resources made available via the course Learn page, including written work, formal grammar teaching, video material, computer-assisted exercises, and links to articles from Swedish newspapers and magazines available on the Internet [Asynchronous]. Each week, you are expected to prepare for the synchronous sessions by completing the asynchronous preparation outlined in that week s instructions.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 0%, Coursework 100%, Practical Exam 0%

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