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Literary Studies 2A: English Literature in the World, 1380-1788 (ENLI08024)


English Literature





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Visiting students must have passed at least one English Literature course previously, at grade B or above; we will only consider University/College level courses. Visiting students can only take one of the following sets of courses during any programme of study: ‘Literary Studies 1A/1B’, ‘Literary Studies 2A/2B’ and ‘Scottish Literature 2A/2B’. Courses from these three sets cannot be combined during the same programme of study. Visiting students wishing to take a 1st/2nd year English Literature course during both semesters can enrol in Literary Studies 2B (but not Literary Studies 1A/1B or Scottish Literature 2A/2B) alongside this course. **This course may incur additional costs for course texts**

Course Summary

This course aims to introduce students to different methods of reading literature historically. In order to learn how to place specific textual representations in their wider social and intellectual contexts, students will examine a range of literary genres, encompassing both canonical and non-canonical texts from the medieval period to the late eighteenth century. The texts have been selected to encourage critical engagement with the global dimensions of 'English Literature'.

Course Description

Each week two lectures will provide an introduction to key texts, with a broad overview of the relevant literary and historical context. They will also explain appropriate terminology and demonstrate how this is used in practice. To consolidate your understanding, you will undertake regular, formative exercises both individually and in small groups to prepare for broader discussion in weekly hour-long tutorials. The first section of the course will focus on the period 1380-1660 and the second section will address 1660-1788. At the end of each section, you will be expected to demonstrate your reflection upon and application of what you have learned by submitting a 2,500-word essay.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 0%, Coursework 100%, Practical Exam 0%

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