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Currents: Understanding and addressing global challenges (EFIE08001)

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Course Summary

This course is about reimagining the future and seeing ourselves as part of this future. Each year, this course will examine a single, highly current global event or challenge. It will explore the broader social, economic and environmental issues which have driven the challenge and how the impact of the event or challenge is shaping the future. From COVID-19 in 2020, it may move in later years to the currents of climate crisis, financial recession, democracy or unrest, allowing students to explore and identify sustainable solutions to complex global challenges. Alongside stimulating lectures given by leading academics and other professionals from industry, government and third sector, it will include threads on the role of data in understanding and responding to complex challenges. At the heart of this course is seeing how a globally significant event or challenge changes who we are, what we are, how we live, and what we believe. We will look at how different types of data, and the ways in which data is represented from different disciplinary perspectives to offer critical new insights into how we respond collectively. We will focus on the challenges and opportunities posed by the revolution in data, digital and artificial intelligence, and the role of data for social good. The course will be contextualised by the UN Sustainable Development Goals Agenda (2015-2030), and its vision of a world shaped by the common good, where no one is left behind and in which the needs of humanity are balanced with the preservation of the Earth.

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