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Semester 1

Topics in Microeconomics (ECNM10070)







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Visiting students must have an equivalent of at least 4 semester-long Economics courses at grade B or above for entry to this course. This MUST INCLUDE courses in Intermediate Macroeconomics (with calculus); Intermediate Microeconomics (with calculus); and Probability and Statistics. If macroeconomics and microeconomics courses are not calculus-based, then, in addition, Calculus (or Mathematics for Economics) is required at grade B or above.

Course Summary

This course is designed to provide a coherent development of some important topics in microeconomic analysis at a more advanced level than that of standard intermediate courses. It thus extends and deepens the work of Economics 1 and Economics 2, bridging the gap between intermediate and graduate level courses in economics, and providing insight into some recent areas of economic research activity. Throughout there is an emphasis on the application of economic principles.

Course Description

The course has a mathematical content and knowledge of basic calculus is assumed. Topics covered may include social choice theory; expected utility theory; game theory; contract theory; asymmetric information.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 85%, Coursework 15%, Practical Exam 0%

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