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The Greek World 1A: Greece in the Making (CLGE08001)







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Course Summary

This course will introduce students to components of the history and culture of the Greeks in the period from the Bronze Age through to Archaic and early Classical eras (down to c. 476 BC).

Course Description

This course will introduce students to the history, society and culture of the ancient Greeks in various periods from the Bronze Age through to Archaic and early Classical eras (down to c. 476 BC). The course encourages students to explore Greek culture and history and attention will also be drawn to the political, military, and cultural institutions and interactions between Greece and its neighbours (Persia and Egypt). The course will be structured around the essential integration of diverse materials, ranging from the study of archaeological sites, key aspects of the development of Greek art and architecture, important historical events, notions of historiography, and major literary works in epic poetry, lyric poetry, and drama. The course can be studied on its own or as a prelude to its sister course, The Greek World 1B: Greece's New Horizons (it is also possible to study the two courses in reverse order, The Greek World 1B in one year and The Greek World 1A in the next).

Assessment Information

Written Exam 60%, Coursework 40%, Practical Exam 0%

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