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Semester 1

Managing Across Borders and Cultures (BUST10113)


Business Studies





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Visiting students must have completed at least 4 Business courses at grade B or above. We will only consider University/College level courses.

Course Summary

It has been recognised that firms and managers both shape and are shaped by their cultures and institutional contexts. With globalisation and the increasing internationalisation of businesses, this course responds in particular to the increasing need of future managers, working in a globalised economy, to recognise the influences of national cultures and institutions on organizational and managerial performances and to acquire cross-cultural skills and competencies necessary for enhancing such performances.

Course Description

The course intends to stimulate a critical discussion of cross-cultural and national business issues that often seem to be neglected even by the management of multinational companies. It is believed that a better understanding of these issues will assist future managers in dealing with both cross-cultural and contextualised management challenges and opportunities. Students will be expected to read the provided lecture materials and relevant literature, to actively participate in discussions and to analyse the readings and the information provided in the lectures and seminars. The objective is to develop a critical understanding of the key issues. Consequently, also the assessment is geared towards identifying, describing, evaluating and discussing those issues by writing and presenting a paper and writing an exam that covers both the lectures and the recommended literature. SYLLABUS: Globalisation, Cultures and Institutions; National Cultures and Institutions; Cultures, Institutions and Corporate Social Responsibility; Cultures, Institutions and Corporate Governance; Cultures, Institutions and Human Resource Management; Cultures, Institutions and Innovation; Cultures, Institutions and International Strategy; Global Managers and Global Mindset. STUDENT LEARNING EXPERIENCE: Students will gain from the experience of learning from each other in the teamwork activities in the preparation of presentations on different ideas of management and on practical case studies. Learning to find, read and appreciate the value of academic literature, how they are cited and referenced, and how to use them in developing a presentation of or summary of ideas. Practising the skill of bringing together different and sometimes conflicting ideas in coherent arguments, and developing and representing ones views with colleagues. Engaging in the dynamic process of argumentation with the academic literature. Dissecting and interpreting managerial and organisational practices with the view of providing credible solutions by exploring their cultural and institutional embeddedness. Presenting their ideas to their peers and teachers confidently, clearly and effectively.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 0%, Coursework 100%, Practical Exam 0%

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