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Management Science and Operations Analytics (BUST10135)


Business Studies





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Visiting students must have completed at least 4 Business courses at grade B or above. We will only consider University/College level courses.

Course Summary

Management Science is the application of scientific methods of analysis to the problems of managing systems of people, machines, materials and money, the objective being to provide a basis for decision making. This course introduces students to a range of management science techniques and explains how these techniques are used in the area of operations planning. (The Prerequisite for this course is Business Honours entry equivalent - at least 2 Business courses with a minimum mark of 50.)

Course Description

Lectures explain the concepts underpinning a range of management science techniques, describe practical operations planning problems and illustrate how the techniques are applied using examples and case studies based on these problems. The two coursework projects provide students with the opportunity to apply management science techniques to real-world operations planning problems and ask them to analyse the problem and present their findings in a written report. SYLLABUS: The course is divided into three topic modules (1. Simulation; 2. Dynamic Programming; 3. Queuing Theory), and two application techniques modules. STUDENT LEARNING EXPERIENCE: The lecture programme provides details of management science techniques and operations planning problems, supported by suggested readings from the recommended texts. Students gain experience in the application of the techniques covered in the course by working through the example questions in the course booklet at their own pace, supported by the web-based materials provided. The two coursework projects present students with real-world operations planning problems and ask them to analyse the problem and present their findings in a written report.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 40%, Coursework 60%, Practical Exam 0%

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