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Business and Society: The Impact of Globalisation (BUST10136)


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Visiting students must have at least 4 Business courses at grade B or above. This MUST INCLUDE at least one International Business course at intermediate level. This course cannot be taken alongside BUST08008 International Business: Globalisation and Trade 2A or BUST08009 International Business and the Multinational Enterprise 2B. We will only consider University/College level courses.

Course Summary

This course aims to provide an understanding of business-government relations in the industrialised and the industrialising world. Students will be acquiring knowledge as to the environment in which International Business functions and will be learning key concepts that are required for the courses that are a follow on to this option.

Course Description

The course begins with an assessment as to the impact of globalisation on the world economy and the driving forces / pull factors that have led to this advancement. An assessment of the role of the state and business and their degree of interaction / interdependence is undertaken. The different approaches and systems within countries will be examined and the development of competition and regulation to ensure the success of liberalisation/ privatisation programmes will be assessed. Lastly the course ends with an appraisal as to the policies required to attain and sustain competitiveness at a national level. The objective of the course is to provide an understanding and appreciation of the following concepts; the impact of globalisation; market state relations; competition policy and regulation; liberalisation and the role of FDI; determinants of national competitiveness. LECTURE OUTLINE: The course starts with a broad overview of how economies are managed, then it focuses on specific policies/ activities concluding with a review of the major economies and current discussion in this area. 1. National competitiveness 2. Market-state relations 3. Industrial policy 4. Liberalisation and privatisation: How to develop 5. Historical development of theories of international business and emerging markets 6. Competition and regulation Case Studies on counterfeit goods 7. Institutional Determinism: Production and Trade Structures 8. The EU in the world economy 9. The Challenge to the West 10. Globalisation and Inequality: Current Debates. LEARNING EXPERIENCE: The course will comprise ten sessions of two hours duration to be held each week in Semester 1. The course will combine lectures and discussion and will require class participation. In addition to the normal requirements of academic study, students will be expected to keep up to date with developments in the area through newspaper and journal reports.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 80%, Coursework 20%, Practical Exam 0%

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