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Applications of Human Resource Management (BUST10129)


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Visiting students must have at least 4 Business courses at grade B or above. This MUST INCLUDE one course equivalent to BUST08028 Organisational Behaviour 2 AND/OR BUST08027 Human Resource Management 2. This course cannot be taken alongside BUST08028 Organisational Behaviour 2 or BUST08027 Human Resource Management 2. We will only consider University/College level courses.

Course Summary

The aim of this course is to enhance our understanding of the intricacies and complexities of managing people in the modern workplace. It is intended to build on existing knowledge of the subject area from Organisational Behaviour 2 and/or Human Resource Management 2. The course will focus on the policy, adoption and outcomes of contemporary HRM. Throughout, the course will take a critical perspective on the implications of human resource policies and practice for all stakeholders: managers at all levels, employees of all types, and society as a whole.

Course Description

The course will begin by considering the different theoretical approaches to understanding human resource management. It will then consider a range of contemporary and ongoing issues in depth, for example, recruitment and selection, diversity, the psychological contract, the impact of technology, evidence-based management, and HRM in an international context. Topics on this course reflect contemporary issues and are therefore updated on an annual basis. Indicative topics include: Objectives, adoption and outcomes of contemporary HRM; Recruitment and Selection; Diversity and Inclusion; Trust in the workplace; Performance Appraisal; Technology and HRM; Training and Development; Sustainable HRM and corporate social responsibility. STUDENT LEARNING EXPERIENCE: The course comprises a mixture of formal lectures, group discussions and class exercises. The lectures will provide an overview of key issues, supported by a range of suggested readings. Group discussions will focus upon understanding of the study and practice of HRM and its implications for organisational stakeholders. Depending on student numbers, students may be given responsibility, as individuals or in groups, for analysing a particular topic, practice or research contribution. Students will be expected to participate in class discussions. The course project is integrative in nature, bringing together insights and understanding from more than one topic in order to encourage the development of stronger evaluative, rather than descriptive, skills.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 70%, Coursework 30%, Practical Exam 0%

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