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Unwritten Korea: Understanding Korean Society and Culture through Contemporary Arts and Films (ASST10153)


Asian Studies





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Course Summary

This innovative course introduces students to Korean culture, history, politics and socio-economic issues through the engagement of non-textual material. The course uses arts, films, dramas, music to lead students through a journey of how colonial rule, the Korea war, economic development, the financial crisis and the rise of inequality and polarisation, the emergence of a multicultural society in South Korea, and relations between the two Koreas can be narrated and understood in new and non-traditional ways.

Course Description

The course aims to familiarise students with Korean society and culture through an analysis of films, dramas, and music. The course is structured chronologically, beginning with films and dramas set in the Joseon era, colonial rule, the Korea war, authoritarian rule and social contention, and, lastly, the more contemporary period. The course topics include Korean society in history and under the colonial rules, inequality, urban culture, gender inequality, Korean Noirs (the dark side of societies), generational gaps, and multi-culturalism. Students will use interdisciplinary methodology from social science debate to review and interpret arts and popular culture.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 0%, Coursework 100%, Practical Exam 0%

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