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Art as Process: Ways of Learning, Making, Working Together (ARTX10055)







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Course Summary

This course uses notable historical and contemporary case studies from art schools as the basis for a series of workshops and seminars. During the course you will work with peers to collectively investigate what you learn in art school and how you learn it. You will be asked to critically reflect on your own experiences in art school in relation to the educational turn in art practice and the contemporary visual culture theories that have supported it. The course will culminate in you proposing your own new art education models.

Course Description

This is a workshop-based course, each session will consist of 1 hour of a practice-led workshop followed by 1 hour of critical reflection and discussion related to the activity and assigned weekly readings. The course readings will encourage you to analyse and question the forms of learning that art schools accommodate and encourage. Helping you to understand and research your own education within the theoretical context of the educational turn that has occurred within artistic practice. The readings will be drawn from a range of disciplinary backgrounds to provide you with a holistic understanding and contextualisation of the visual culture of art schools. You do not need to have an artistic practice or previous experience of learning in an art school context to be a part of this course. The workshops and readings will be based on notable approaches to learning from both historical and contemporary art schools and modes of self-organising, from Black Mountain College to School of the Dammed. This will involve engaging in group activities that reenact and/or sample processes of learning, making, and working together. You will work with peers in groups to perform activities related to the approaches, ideologies, and teachings espoused and embodied by the case studies presented on the course. The course is intended to give you an experiential understanding of what and how art schools produce art education and contribute to visual culture discourses. These sessions are also intended to demonstrate how practice-led research into these subjects can be conducted, providing you with the experience and critical tools necessary to tackle your course assignments and develop future independent research proposals.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 0%, Coursework 100%, Practical Exam 0%

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