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Landscape Architecture Theory 1A (ARCH08049)


Architecture and Landscape Architecture





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This course may incur additional costs for materials and/or field trips. **Please note that Architecture courses have extremely limited spaces available, and are very popular, so students cannot be guaranteed a space in any Architecture course.** These enrolments are managed strictly by the Visiting Student Office, in line with the quotas allocated by the department, and all enquiries to enrol in these courses must be made through the CAHSS Visiting Student Office. It is not appropriate for students to contact the Architecture department directly to request additional spaces.

Course Summary

This course introduces students to the basic principles underlying the development of any landscape, starting with the fundamentals of physical geography: geology, geomorphology, soils and climate (taught by Geography), followed by the application of ecological aspects and cultural and perceptual layers together with techniques for interpreting the landscape as it is seen, primarily the use of sketching (taught by Landscape Architecture). The course will combine theoretical and practical exercises, field trips and research paper writing to prepare students to undertake combined literature and field based research. The course equips students with skills in literature- and field-based research, field observation, drawing, interpretation and analysis to provide a basis to understand the evolution of landscape.

Course Description

The course is split into two main sections. In the first part a series of lectures are given by Geography arranged into four main themes: geology, geomorphology, soils and climate. The relationship of each is emphasized and the learning is strengthened by the first essay where each student selects a landscape (the location and extent to be agreed with the lecturer) and carried out in depth research into the four aspects as they relate to the specific area. Using this as the basis of the landscape the second part of the course is a mixture of lectures by university staff and visiting experts from e.g. government agencies supplemented by local field sketching teaching and exercises. The ecological, cultural and perceptual aspects of the landscape are developed together and the second essay is a development of the first one, starting where that finishes and adding the ecological, cultural and perceptual influences. Small presentations of landscapes derived from Google Earth and presentations of the essays to the class supplement the summative assessments and count towards the formative assessment. The sketching exercises are also used for feedback and formative assessment. The field trips enable the two parts to come together and for the sketching to be used on site as a means of interpreting landscape. The lecturers are able to link the different aspects together on site and the students learn how to capture this information.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 0%, Coursework 100%, Practical Exam 0%

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