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Landscape Architecture Design 2A (ARCH08040)


Architecture and Landscape Architecture





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This course is primarily project-based with some introductory lectures so it is relatively easy (academically) for visiting students to join. **Please note that Architecture courses have extremely limited spaces available, and are very popular, so students cannot be guaranteed a space in any Architecture course.** These enrolments are managed strictly by the Visiting Student Office, in line with the quotas allocated by the department, and all enquiries to enrol in these courses must be made through the CAHSS Visiting Student Office. It is not appropriate for students to contact the Architecture department directly to request additional spaces.

Course Summary

This course introduces an important transition from previous design courses in that it expands the scale of planning and design to develop understanding of landscape architectural practice as a critical instrument in considering the future of the regional landscape. The project will examine some of the major challenges that face contemporary society today including expanding urbanisation, loss of biodiversity, sustainable food production, water and energy resource management and the impacts of climate change. Students will interpret landscapes in order to identify new possibilities for spatial design on multiple scales to achieve landscape resilience and sustainable development through an advanced understanding of ecological frameworks.

Course Description

The course will study a regional territory as a test area; students are tasked with producing a broad scale landscape interpretation to inform a strategic planning proposal. Projects will evolve through a series of cumulative and overlapping stages; early fieldwork and research will be synthesised to inform a series of early stage exploratory scenarios, which will then be developed into strategic proposals and refined for visual presentation. The aim of this careful staging is to build an understanding of the region in relation to past influences and current drivers of change. Strategic proposals should develop in response to social, economic, and environmental issues that are particular to the regional territory. The course includes a project brief and lectures that outline precedents and theoretical perspectives to underpin the project and to broaden students understanding of the particular regional territory and landscape planning more generally. The choice of regional territory will be carefully considered to provide a setting where many relevant broader planning issues are prevalent.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 0%, Coursework 100%, Practical Exam 0%

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