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Architectural History 1A: Introduction to World Architecture (ARHI08009)


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The course begins with an examination of Ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman architecture, the architecture of the Middle Ages, Islam, Pre-Columbian America, and the first great re-evaluation of Antiquity in the Italian Renaissance. It goes on to survey the Renaissance in Britain and Northern Europe and the subsequent influence of the Italian Baroque in these areas. Later, other significant cultural traditions in the history of architecture are introduced, such as those of India, China, and Japan. Semester 1 concludes with an examination of the theoretical, cultural, and stylistic aspects of the architecture of the European Enlightenment. Throughout the course the development of building technology and the social, religious, and political understanding of buildings are recurring themes. Excursions into the related fields of landscape architecture and urban design necessarily appear from time to time. The course is not just a history of building styles or building technology, although both of those areas are studied. It also shows what architecture can reveal about wider developments in social, political, cultural and urban history.

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Written Exam 35%, Coursework 65%, Practical Exam 0%

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