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Advanced Financial Accounting (ACCN10008)







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Visiting students must have completed at least 4 Accountancy courses at grade B or above. This MUST INCLUDE at least one Financial Accounting course at intermediate level. This course cannot be taken alongside 'Accountancy 2A' (ACCN08009) or 'Accountancy 2B' (ACCN08010). We will only consider University/College level courses.

Course Summary

The course will build on knowledge obtained in the Financial Accounting modules of Accountancy 1 and 2 to explore some of the more complex and controversial areas of financial reporting. The object will be to develop a critical understanding of conceptual issues in financial accounting as well as to enhance technical and analytical skills. The course will cover the advanced analysis and interpretation of the annual report, some of the more complex accounting standards not addressed in earlier modules, and current issues in financial reporting.

Course Description

The course broadens students' horizons by examining the regulations, techniques and debates surrounding topics such as: fair value accounting; accounting for financial instruments; revenue recognition; intangible assets, and accounting in specialist sectors. Students are also introduced to accounting for capital reconstruction. The increasing importance of accounting narratives and imagery in annual reports is also explored. The course reviews ways of analysing the corporate report and introduces new techniques for analysing quantitative and qualitative data. This course forms a bridge between the financial accounting modules of Accountancy 1 and 2, and senior honours options in accounting such as Developments in Financial Accounting, Accounting and Everyday Life, and The Accounting Profession. SYLLABUS: Accounting for fair value. Advanced analysis and interpretation of financial statements. Financial instruments. Intangible assets. Revenue recognition. Accounting in specialist sectors. Narrative reporting. Imagery in the annual report. Liquidation and reconstruction. STUDENT LEARNING EXPERIENCE: The course is based on weekly two-hour lecture sessions. Students will also attend four one-hour workshop session for the accounting package SAGE.

Assessment Information

Written Exam 70%, Coursework 25%, Practical Exam 5%

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