Staff training

Erasmus+ funding is available for professional services and academic staff to undertake short training visits in Europe and beyond.

What constitutes staff training?

The programme supports the professional development of HEI staff.  Any member of staff, whether academic or professional services, with a contract of employment at the University of Edinburgh may apply for this funding. Training events abroad may be in the form of:

  • Job shadowing or observation
  • Attendance at workshops or courses
  • Attendance at a European staff training week

Training programmes should be built around personal and professional development, and may include knowledge transfer, sharing good practice, learning from shared experience, acquiring practical skills or discovering new ideas for learning and teaching. 

Conferences are not funded.

Lund was great.  We had an interesting week, combining a partner and faculty visit, meeting our students and the staff from Lund, and also networking with people from global offices around the world.

Janet Ellis, Student Support Officer, Business Schoolattended a Staff Training Week at Lund University, Sweden

Where can I go?


Staff can apply for funding to train abroad at any non-UK European university (or at any other non-UK European organisation which provides training).  You can check the website of the institution you are interested in to contact a relevant department to make a speculative enquiry about undertaking work shadowing or other training.

Staff training weeks

Many HEIs in Europe offer Staff Training Weeks which offer a fixed training programme and provide an opportunity to meet with colleagues from many other universities in related fields at the same time. 

Staff training weeks normally include a combination of presentations, workshops, networking activities and cultural activities. They may be themed to attract participants from the same area of work. They can be a good introduction to your host institution and country and, as there are usually participants from institutions across Europe, can be a good networking and information sharing opportunity .  

Find International Staff Training weeks in Europe

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to spend a week abroad. I can only recommend it.

Laura Nagelschmidt, HR Servicesattended Staff Training Week at University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Please note that the Erasmus+ grant does not cover any Staff Training Week participation/registration/course fees charged by the host institution. 

The Erasmus+ subsistence grant may be used towards such costs. Alternatively, where a fee is charged, we suggest that you speak to your line manager to find out whether any departmental funds are available to support staff training or professional development activities such as Go Abroad for Staff. 

If this is not possible, then the cost of the course would fall to you as the participant.

Outside Europe

We also have partner institutions outside Europe, through the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility programme, where a training visit could be undertaken. 

If you are interested in undertaking a training visit to any of these partners, please email

Find out about our International Credit Mobility partners


I’m back from Barcelona! This was an excellent trip, thank you for all your help in organising it!

Simon Fokt, Learning Technologist, School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciencesundertook a week of meetings and job shadowing at Universitat Barcelona & UA Barcelona, Spain

For details of travel and subsistence grant amounts, please see our Grant Allowances page.

Go Abroad Staff - Grant Allowances

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