Reflect on and share your experience

Consider what you've learned from your Go Abroad experience and how you can use it, and share your knowledge with others.

Reflect on your experience

94% say that their Go Abroad experience had increased their job statisfaction

Under the Erasmus+ programme, all participating HEIs must recognise the work you complete whilst abroad.  Recognition could mean consideration of the work you completed as part of your CDR process or through an application for promotion. 

The following activities may be helpful in reflecting on your Erasmus+ experience and considering your next one.

Find more tools for reflection and personal development.

University's Online Development Toolkit

Share your experience

We host and attend events during the year and would value your help in raising awareness of the Go Abroad for Staff programme.  Here are some of the ways you could help us promote the programme:

  • Volunteer to speak at a Go Abroad for Staff promotional event
  • Provide a testimonial for the Edinburgh Global website 
  • Write a post for the Teaching Matters blog or the Go Abroad Staff Facebook group
  • Deliver a presentation to your team, to share your learning and the benefits of your visit

If you would like to help with any of these, or have any other ideas or suggestions, please contact us in the Study and Work Away Service - email: