Practical arrangements

What you need to know about booking travel, accommodation, risk assessments, insurance and more.

Business travel arrangements

Besides the required Erasmus+ paperwork, you should ensure that you have made all other practical arrangements with regard to:

  • Booking travel
  • Risk assessment
  • Emergencies
  • Insurance
  • Health & Safety
  • Vaccines

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Booking accommodation and travel

Most participating staff book their own travel and accommodation in order to obtain the best deal and maximise their Erasmus+ travel and subsistence grants.  Your host institution may be able to advise on affordable and nearby accommodation.

Using Key Travel

It is possible to book travel and accommodation through the University’s travel agent, Key Travel, and some University departments may require that you use Key Travel to make your arrangements. 

If you do so, we recommend that you research, identify and specify to Key Travel your choice of travel/accommodation options when requesting a booking, to try to ensure that you do not exceed your Erasmus+ grant allowances for travel and/or subsistence. 

If payment for your travel or accommodation will be made to Key Travel from your departmental budget, you must make arrangements to transfer funds from your Erasmus+ grant back to your departmental account. You should consult with your departmental secretary as to how to transfer funds to your departmental budget from your own account. 

Please note that receipts may be required by your School.

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