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Go Abroad for Staff

Go Abroad for Staff provides support and funding for academic and professional services staff to go abroad on short, normally week-long, teaching or training visits as part of their professional development.

A Go Abroad for Staff activity is a great way to pick up new ideas and practices, develop skills in your field, and to build and develop international relationships.  

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The knowledge and experience gained can help your own personal and professional development.  It can also benefit your wider team and the University through sharing of best practice, intercultural understanding and development of networks.  

Visits to European institutions must last a minimum of 2 working days (not including travel).  For non-European institutions, visits must last 5 working days.  Your activity must include a minimum of 8 hours of teaching or training activity per week. 

Participants must be currently employed by the University of Edinburgh.

Funding is currently provided within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme with the support of the European Commission. 

Find out more about how it works on the following pages:

Eligibility and application

Find out who is eligible to participate, how to apply, where you could go, what you could do, and more.

Funding available

Find out about how much Erasmus+ funding is available to support your teaching or training visit.

How the programme works

A step-by-step guide through how to apply for and participate in the programme.

Benefits of going abroad

Consider the potential benefits and outcomes of a Go Abroad for Staff experience.

Practical arrangements

What you need to know about booking travel, accommodation, risk assessments, insurance and more.

Reflect on and share your experience

Consider what you've learned from your Go Abroad experience and how you can use it, and share your knowledge with others.

Staff testimonials

Find out more about staff mobility experiences by reading some of our staff testimonials.


Find out about our sustainability goals and commitments and how Go Abroad for Staff can contribute to these.

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