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Gujarat Biotechnology University

Our partnership with Gujarat Biotechnology University (GBU) created India’s first biotechnology university.

GBU and UoE representatives together in India


The Gujarat Biotechnology University (GBU) partnership is a flagship project of the University of Edinburgh in India, working closely with the Department of Science & Technology, State Government of Gujarat. As a trailblazer initiative in the UK-India higher education sector, we are building on the University's long-standing collaborations and commitment in India.


Led by the School of Biological Sciences (SBS), our partnership contributed to the establishment and launch of India’s first dedicated biotechnology university – Gujarat Biotechnology University in 2022. With a foundation of translation research, GBU calls on our extensive experience to become the incubator for novel solutions to global challenges and strives to develop its students into industry-ready graduates.

GBU offers a two-year masters programme (MSc) to specialise in five areas of Biotechnology:

  • Animal
  • Environmental
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Plant Biotechnology

This international collaboration also stands to strengthen research connections between Edinburgh and Gujarat and to drive forward the global field of biotechnology. University academics can engage through teaching and learning, research, faculty training and mentorship, sharing of best practices in leadership, policy developments and industry engagement.

A select number of students will participate in research placements across various institutions - including GBU, the University of Edinburgh, industry or other relevant institutions. 


The MSc curriculum at GBU features co-created research initiatives with industry involvement and aligns with current market trends and opportunities. The curriculum design encourages students to explore, experiment, and not be afraid of failing, thereby seeding entrepreneurial skills in biological engineering to introduce innovative products to the market.

GBU aims not just for academic impact but to change people's lives with sustainable biotech solutions for many of society's grand challenges. From cancer therapy and anti-microbial resistance, crop resilience in the face of climate change, and the environmental challenges of pollution and recycling of valuable materials.

The partnership seeks to deliver a curriculum, research, and industry engagement ecosystem aligned with the Indian life science industry. We aim to co-create a new culture of excellence, impact and flexibility that will support industry growth and be an innovative model institution.

We have enjoyed a long-standing relationship with India. An important part of our engagement has been the development of major, mutually beneficial links with Indian institutions and universities. This partnership will drive forward our joint biotechnology research in the region and spark new opportunities in research and innovation.

Professor Peter MathiesonPrincipal and Vice-Chancellor, the University of Edinburgh

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