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Global academies

The Global Academies cross boundaries in research and teaching, adopting a multi-disciplinary responses to challenging global issues.

Global Health Academy

The Global Health Academy works at the epicentre of global health challenges across the world. It aims to improve global health and make life better through collaborative, interdisciplinary research, education and resource development. It provides a framework for education that strengthens global health resources and knowledge.

Global Justice Academy

The Global Justice Academy is an interdisciplinary network that supports research, teaching and knowledge exchange on global justice issues. It aims to build on, consolidate and expand the work of existing centres and collaborations at the University of Edinburgh.

Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security

The Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security works to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of agri-food systems - vital to tackling the challenges of global population growth, rapid urbanisation, food and environmental security, and diet and health, and central to many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Global Environment and Society Academy

The Global Environment and Society Academy tackles global environmental challenges through teaching, research and outreach. They are a network of experts who collaborate on innovative solutions for global environmental challenges. They recognise the need for mechanisms that enable positive impact within our changing world.