MSc Global Challenges

Why study Global Challenges?

Study while you work, anywhere in the world, with our Masters degree programme in Global Challenges. Find out how it works and how it will benefit your career.

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The world’s challenges are all interconnected so solutions need to be too, and that requires people with skills sets that cross the traditional disciplinary boundaries of health, or food security, or climate science, or economic development.

This programme is unique. It is made up of three postgraduate certificates which you can study in any order.

Together they give you a lens on the drivers and causes of the different global crises we are facing, and strategies and tools to implement solutions and work in partnership with those who are leading change.

The MSc is made up of three Postgraduate Certificates:

  • PgCert Global Environment Challenges
  • PgCert Global Health Challenges
  • PgCert Global Development Challenges

You can study any one of the above individual Certificates as a standalone programme. You can also choose to study all three.

Successful completion of all three of these Certificates leads to the award of the MSc in Global Challenges.

About the MSc Global Challenges

Develop your knowledge and skills to help tackle the challenge of how nearly 8 billion people can live well on one planet.

How will I learn?

Learning online is enjoyable, effective and challenging. We help you get the most from the programme.

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Students are studying Global Challenges all over the world, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the programme.

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